Wotanorden: From the Storm Comes the Wolves

1. Kernunnos 04:05
2. He Who Walks Behind The Trees 06:03
3. What Once Was Shall Be Again 06:20
4. Weissmenschland 06:52
5. White Enlightenment 08:45
6. Vengeance Admidst The Storm 02:32
7. Mundilfari 04:35
8. Runatal 05:09
9. Schwarzsonne 07:12
Total playing time 55:29

From a review we found: "This is NSBM. The interludes and speeches are to be expected. There's a speech, sounds of war, nationalistic singing in german, and the ever popular sounds of thunder. I don't believe that every listener can appreciate the clips, but I don't believe they're that overwhelming to ruin the entire album. Most are near the beginning or end of a track, so that they may be easily skipped.

The album overall is a breath of fresh air to U.S. NSBM. Maybe even innovative to some, but I believe the music alone can be appreciated by fans of Black/Viking Metal."

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