Attack : "Survival 2006"

Originally recorded in 1998 on Germany's now defunct Hate Records, Attack's "Survival 2006" is a digitally remastered and remixed masterpiece! This American hatecore / metal classic has been brought to it's true brilliance with today's production techniques: What They Will Say - Degenerate - Eye For An Eye - Genocide - In Battle - Loyal As Turner - Open Up... And Let Me In - Seize The Enemy - Son Of Man - Survival and The Children.

As an added bonus, the original "Survival" 1998 album recordings are also included: What They'll Say - Sieze The Enemy - Eye For An Eye - Genocide - Son Of Man - Open Up... And Let Me In - The Children - Loyal As Turner - In Battle - Degenerate and Survival.

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Attack - Degenerate (4.9 mb)

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