The Victim of System: Compilation

The Victim of System: Compilation: featuring 16 tracks by 8 bands includes: Conflict 88, Avalon, Lions Pride, Before the War, Outrage, Tollshock, Retaliator, and Randall Gruppe.

Track List:

Conflict Eighty Eight:
The Strong Survive ( Skrewdriver Cover )
2. Svata Zem

3. Peace in our Time
4. Take you to Hell

Lion's Pride
5. Europe, United in Diversity
6. Lies

Before the War
7. For the Prettier and Better Tomorrow
8. Den Meca

9. Zrozeni z ledu
10. Veteran

11. Fighting the System
12. Judge Me

13. Freedom
14. Eye for an Eye

Randall Gruppe
15. backstreet Kids ( Music by Skrewdriver )
16. Chaos 89

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