Achtung Juden : Reich Songs Volume I

NSM Records presents, Achtung Juden's newest release, Reich Songs Vol. One. If you thought the Straight Arm Salute CD was great... wait untill you hear this release. This CD brings 14 new songs from the band!

Achtung Juden fans,be sure to get your copy today!

Track List:

1. Reich Song
2. Let the Them Kill Each Other
3. New Nation*
4. Skinhead - The Stompin Song
5. Aryan Girl
6. Klan Song**
7. Intro
8. Soldiers of the Streets
9. White Nationalist
10. Going to Argentina
11. Hail White Pride
12. Achtung Juden
13. Proud White Man
14. The Drowned and the Saved

* Written by Skrewdriver
** Written by Landser

MP3 Download:

Self Titled Track- Achtung Juden.mp3 - (4.50 megs)




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