Rebel Yells: Songs and Humor of the American Racialist Struggle

The Money Belongs to Us, Johnny Rebel; Wake Up, My People, The Crusaders; Why the Klan Burns Crosses, Recitation by J Robert Jones, GD, Realm of NC, NCK Records ; De New Sheriff, The Jigs; De-Ex Sheriff, The Jigs; Dear Mr. President, Happy Fats (J. West); Dixie Country Style, The Jigs; Flight NAACP 105, The Jigs; Football, The Black Bears vs. the Integrators, The Multiple Voices of the Son of Mississippi; Hello Stokley, The Jigs; I Like to Hear 'Em Preach It, Jimmy Martin; It's a Riot, Van G Temple; It's A Riot, Part 2, Van G Temple; Joining the Big Society, The Multiple Voices of the Son of Mississippi; Keep A Workin' Big Jim, Johnny Rebel; Marty and His Travelin' Beatnik Bank, The Multiple Voices of the Son of Mississippi; NAACP Jig-A-Boo Gemini, The Multiple Voices of the Sons of Mississippi; The Old Rugged Cross, J. Robert Jones; Veteran's Plea, Happy Fats (Clement-La Blanc); Voice of My Savior, Jimmy Martin; Wallace 68, Reid Stubbs; We Need Wallace for President, The Crusaders

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