Racist Redneck Rebels: Keep the Hate Alive

Move over Johnny Rebel, we have a new and much more modern set of music heros on the scene!

Mixing hysterical tales and lyrics with easy to understand vocals and country-western musicianship, the Racist Redneck Rebels are going to take the WP music scene by storm with these 16 hilarious tracks!

This cd includes a beautiful 12 page full color booklet with all lyrics: Droppin' The Kids Off In Harlem, Niggers Niggers Niggers, We Are All Niggers, The Nigger Crematory, Pederast Priests, Marty The Maggot, Jungle Bunny, All Good Things Come From Africa, Blow Up The Middle East, Free Mumia, Like A Nigger On Payday, Nigger Snipers, Oh My God - I Married A Nigger, Reparations My Ass!, Whatever Happened To That Dear Ol' Klan Of Mine? and The Birds Are Singing.
Warning: The lyrics are extremely offensive and many contain profanities.

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