Max Resist: Skinned Alive

Genre: RAC
Country: USA
Year: 2015

01. 21st Century
02. 88 Rock N' Roll Band (Landser Cover Alternate Version)
03. Tales Of Glory (Brutal Attack Cover)
04. Last Days (Live)
05. You're So Dumb (Skrewdriver Cover)
06. 2nd Chance
07. Warriors (Blitz Cover)
08. Signal (Landser Cover)
09. Romantic Violence (Live)
10. Chinese Rock (Ramones Cover)
11. I Can Hear The Thunder (Extreme Hatred Cover)
12. Combat 18
13. Rough Justice (The AllegianceCcover)
14. Anger And Hatred (Live)
15. Work For Progress
16. Kreuzberg (Landser Cover)
17. I Don't Need Your Love (Skrewdriver cover)
18. Traitors Beware (Live)
19. Working Class Hero (Acoustic Version)
20. Maximum Resistance (Live)
21. O.C. Belongs To Me (Cock Sparrer Cover)
22. Everlasting Memory

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