Chaos 88 - Welcome To Atlantic City & Bonus Gang Violence

Extremely violent and offensive punk rock feauturing Warren, singer of Aggravated Assault. "Welcome To Atlantic City" was originally released in 1999 and this re-release features beautiful new artwork including all lyrics! And as an added bonus, we've included all of the "Gang Violence" EP tracks that were originally released in 1998.

01. Summer Of Hate
02. Dirty Whore
03. Goodbye
04. K9 Killer
05. Drunk Edge
06. Homosexual
07. Doom Generation
08. Love & A 45
09. Another Show
10. Killing Show
11. Fuck Your Rules
12. Welcome To Atlantic City
13. So What


14. Chaos 88
15. Gang Violence
16. Baldy Bitch
17. Holy Shit

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