Landser: Landser in English CD

Landser in English CD

This is a must have CD if you like Landser, good vocals and excellent instrumentation! This is a very high quality digital recording - the mixing is exceptional - if you have a quality audio system you will appreciate the effort put into this CD!

1.) Intro Live 4/20/03 (German)
2.) Landser
3.) German Wrath
4.) Africa
5.) Friedirich the Great
6.) Aryan Child
7.) Freedom
8.) Portland
9.) Ian Stuart
10.) Middle of Europe
11.) Gypsy Pack
12.) In the Ass
13.) Rebel
14.) Terrorist with a Guitar
15.) Rudolf Hess
16.) Retribution
17.) SturmFuehrer
18.) Northland
19.) The Reich Comes Again
20.) Nordland (German)

 Never heard Lander?  Download two high quality tracks now - we are sure you are going to love this band!

Friedirich the Great (5.6 mb)
Terrorist with a Guitar (4.3 mb)

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