Johnny Rebel: The Complete Johnny Rebel Collection

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This is the absolute BEST sing-a-long collection of ALL TIME! This is guaranteed to be the most hilarious album of racist country music that you will ever hear! This has been often imitated, but nothing comes close to these authentic tracks. This cd features 30 of the most popular and funniest "Nigger-hatin'" songs ever written: Looking For A Handout, Still Looking For A Handout, Nigger Hating Me, Coon Town, Who Likes A Nigger, Move Them Niggers North, Nigger Nigger, Federal Aid, Stay Away From Dixie, Keep A Workin' Big Jim, Kajun Ku Klux Klan, Cowboys And Niggers, Some Niggers Never Die, Johnny Rebel, She Ran Off With A Nigger (Texas BS Band), Ship Those Niggers Back (Odis & The 3 Bigots), We is Non-Violent Niggers (Odis & The 3 Bigots), We Don't Want Niggers In Our Schools (Coon Hunters), That's The Way A Nigger Goes (Unknown), Marty & His Beatnik Band (Son of Mississippi), The South Shall Rise Again (The Confederates), The South's Gonna Rise Again (Jessie James), The Great Society (Ski King), Segregation Wagon (Col. Sharecropper), Move Them Niggers North (Col. Sharecropper), Move Them Niggers North 2 (Col. Sharecropper), Nigger Hating Me (Big Reb), Dixie (White Riders), NAACP Prayer (Colonel Lou) and Stand Up and Be Counted (White Riders).

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