Warfare 88 - "FTW: The Complete Discography

Warfare 88 - FTW: The Complete Discography features all the featured songs from The White Album, the split with Forward Area, plus rare and demo tracks. 42 tracks in total and all new artwork. OC Hate Punk band featuring Final War members!

Nazi Punk
Ten Reasons Why I Can't Stand You
Throw Weaver In General Population
Sex And Violence
Cheesy American Oi Song
Violent Plans
The Ballad Of Cheap Beer
Mullets And Monte Carlos
Mr. No Brain
Fortunate Son
Funny Dept.
What The Future Holds
Warfare Bois
Beautiful Cultures
Bringin' Me Down
Fuck You
Hate Punk In Your Face
Peace Punks Are Hippies With Mohawks
Textbook Drama Queen
Drop Dead
Pull The Plug
Ripped N' Torn
Serial Killer
The Ballad Of Cheap Beer (Superphonic Electro Dub Mix)
Don't Like You
Game Over
The Best Of Times...
Tired And Angry
What The Future Holds (Demo)
Faggot (Demo)
Joohboye (Demo)
N.i.g.f.y.u. (Demo)
Injustice (Demo)
D.f.s.w.a.b.f.m. (Demo)
Fuck You Too (Demo)

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