Terror On Ruby Ridge: The Randy Weaver Story - Will You be Next?

This is Len Martin's shocking booklet Terror on Ruby Ridge - The Randy Weaver Story - Will You Be Next (1993) which tells the story of the US government siege against Randy Weaver's family at Ruby Ridge in Idaho. Many still remember how US marshalls and federal agents murdered Weaver's wife and son in a gross display of goverment power against a single family who wanted nothing more than to live in peace under outside of modern society. It also briefly covers the murder of Gordon Kahl and compares the cases of Kahl and Randy Weaver. Martin examines the authority of the federal marshals and what the law says about their actions. There is a very thorough section where he shows how the government's version of the events changed over time. Terror on Ruby Ridge is well researched and contains a lot of useful information on how the government constantly interferes in people's lives although it has no ground to do so by law. 65 pages. A must read for everyone.

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