Straightline: Act for a new generation

A Greek "supergroup" containing former members of Legion Hellas, Red Lock, Last Attack, and Koi!mpresser. Great debut, modern Oi! / RAC rock, with a lot of melody and power, like bands such as Kill Baby Kill to name just one. This is completely different from anything else you've ever heard coming out of Greece: perfectly played, good powerful production, excellent vocals,... It just all fits. This is without a doubt the best band ever to come out of Greece. They actually sound quite British, most songs are in English too. Beautiful sober artwork, with all lyrics in the booklet.

Titles: Walking the straightline - Alive - Bring back your life - Freedom - Κράτος σημαίνει Πατρίδα σκλαβωμένη (Kratos simenei patrida sklabomeni) - Πέτα ψηλά (Peta psila) - Time to bleed - Αιώνια ζωντανοί (Aionia zontanoi) - Europe song - Break your rules - H Επανάστασή μας.


 Genre: RAC / Oi!

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