Southern Storm / Runes of War

NSM Records proudly presents our latest release for 2009

This is old school style NS Rock/RAC. No holds barred, angry, aggressive music from our Comrades in Australia! Lace up your boots and get ready to kick the doors in, because this cd will fire you up, and put our enemies on the run! Southern Storm has an NSM member in the band, so support our Comrades and their bands.

1. It's time to get revenge on our enemies
2. National Socialism is National Health
3. Streetwise and Mean
4. Vengeance is our Right
5. Slit their throats for the Shit they've Spun

6. Krystal Night
7. Juden Raus
8. Greedy Bastard
9. Werewolf
10. Let's kill the n-------
11. Famous Last Words (Day of the Sword)
12. Set the Filth alight
13. BBQ in Cronulla
14. RIP Rudolf Hess

Genre: NS rock / RAC

* Parental Advisory: Some tracks contain extremely hard core lyrics for ages 18+. NSMR does not endorse violence and reminds fans to separate artistic expression from real world reality. The Artists hope to motivate you into taking legal political action.

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