Ekspansja: Ekspansja

Solid release from this Polish metal/rock band that includes tight melodic musicianship and great production. This top notch album is hard and driven, yet not over distorted - sometimes similiar to Iron Maiden in their prime.

Gra (The Game)
Ostatnia Krew (the Last Blood)
Wojna Ras (Race War)
Nikczemny Narsd (Vile Nation)
Piwo (Beer)
Czerwoni Mordercy (Red Murderers)
Prawdziwa Wiara (True Faith)
Cierniowy Szlak (Track Of Thorns)
Przetrwac By Zwiciezyc (Survive To Win)
Pamiec O Kraju (Memories Of Country)
Obroncy Kraju (Defenders Of Country).


Genre: metal / rock

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