Slovakian Hlinka Guard patch

On the 28th of September a party law was passed in Slovakia that would create the Hlinka Guard and "raise patriots faithful to the death to the Slovak Nation". In Bujnice a command school with Schutzstuffle instructors was opened. It created Nationalist fighters in black uniforms to the tune of over 27,000 between the ages of 18-35 and over 19,000 between 36-60. Also the Hlinka Youth was created for those ages 6-17 also the Guard consisted of University Guards for students, Transport Guards for the railways and Mounted Guards for the equestrians for a total of over 100,000 fighting for a Nationalist Slovakia! This group also consisted of the POHG the elite Storm Troopers of the guard which numbered 3,500 in 1944.
Slovakia was the first country in Europe to join with Germany in fighting for the blood of Europeans now once again they march with National Socialist all over the World to defend the blood of Europa!

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