Stormtroop 16: Steel Capped Justice

Stormtroop 16's Steel Capped Justice is one of the greatest White Power albums to have ever been recorded in the United States! SCJ contains 16 tracks of pure, unadulterated White Racialist music at it's absolute best - strong musicianship, intelligent & thought-out lyrics with powerful vocals and a sincerity that's been lacking for years.

Stormtroop 16, the pride of Sacramento, California, take inspiration from the greats such as the Midtown Bootboys, Skrewdriver and Brutal Attack and build upon those classic sounds (that we all love) to create songs that capture all of the energy and intensity that you'd expect from one of the hardest working skinhead bands playing today!

This album includes a stunning full-color 20 page booklet with all lyrics and photographs.

1. We Don't Give A Shit
2. Rank Upon Rank
3. Cowardice Treachery
4. S.H.A.R.P. Scum
5. Stormtroop 16
6. Fight For Freedom
7. I Love This Thing I Am
8. Make A Change
9. Unite
10. White Separation
11. Nationalism
12. Heroes
13. Back With A Bang (Skrewdriver)
14. Lust In Their Eyes
15. Blinded By Hatred
16. Beat Up Beat Down

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