Prison Bound: X-Rated

Prison Bound, X-Rated ... a great NSM Records distribution CD!

Prison Bounds' style is old school, grab your baseball bat and chains style .. Oi music. Think Midtown Bootboys meets Aggravated Assault, and you have Prison Bound. 


1. X-Rated
2. Canda CE
3. Sto RmtRoope R B&H
4. tHe pain iS Real
5. SmaSH tHe RedS
6. mtl Skin Head
7. ain't Gunna take no moRe (ode to a SkiHead Gi Rl)
8. You aSked Fo R it
9. maSS sXteRmination
10. Will oveRCome

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--> Download Montreal Skinhead <-- File Size 7.7 mb - Best for Broadband 

--> Download Montreal Skinhead <-- File Size 2.8 mb - Best for Dial Up 

* Parental Advisory: Some tracks contain extremely hard core lyrics for ages 18+. NSMR does not endorse violence and reminds fans to separate artistic expression from real world reality. The Artists hope to motivate you into taking legal political action.

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