Avalon - Hear The Voice

Avalon "Hear The Voice" rocks!! 10 tracks which kick off with "Hear The Voice", the rallying call to the massive regeneration of National Socialist ideals.

Track 2 - 'Hail Victory' which is NOT a Skrewdriver cover. This track lists what is wrong in society & why Victory WILL be ours.

Track 3 - a ballad called 'I Am A National Socialist'...for our comrades at VF. T

rack 4 - 'Where You Lead ( I Will Follow)' is a salute to Brotherhood28.

Track 5 - 'Roads To War & Freedom', explains the avenues to our freedom.

Track 6 - 'Fight For England' Looks at how free speech has changed in the past 30 years.

Track 7 - 'White Rider' The Skrewdriver cover for this CD.

Track 8 - 'Victim' looks at racial equality. Are your racial roots a burden?

Track 9 - 'Eternal Rain'. The rape of a child is bad enough but by her father? This song looks at the anguish a child must grow up with after her bastad father abused her.

Track 10 - 'Arrrrrrrggggghhhh'. For all ye pirates out there

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