Blood & Honour: Volume 4

BLOOD & HONOUR, VOLUME 4, Compilation. Razors Edge (Intro, Blood & Honour), Wilf & The Boys (Hope You Found Your Fatherland-Little Man), Sniper (18, Winds of Revolution), Born to Kill (Have a Nazi Day, Die Like a Hero), Bards of the Northern Realm (We Salute You), Pig Killer (Of Honour and Sorrow), Torsgard (Song to Marcel), Vandals (Antifa, Road to Valhalla), Viking (Towards the Light, He has Died), H8 (I Hate Commie Scum), Providenje (Macem se Branim), Victory of Hate (Eternal Road), DMS (Achtung!), Hlas Krve (Valhalla Calls-Your Last Cry/Tve posledni zvolani), Pro Patria (Die Fahne Hoch-Horst Wessel Lied)

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