Deaths Head: Live Metal Skin

That's the new cd of the aussie band: Deaths Head. A live cd more demo songs, 18 tracks. The live have been recorded during ISD memorial gig in Australia with Bully Boys and Fortress. At the same time, they recorded the dvd (never released) so they used professional studio to record the sound in live. The best live cd so far.


 1. Onslaught
2. Doubts
3. Annihilation
4. Feast Of The Jackals
5. Taste The Pain
6. Hatreds Disciples
7. Fence Sitter (Nordic Thunder Cover)
8. Iron Warmachine
9. Swastika
10. My Hate
11. The Valkyries Have Flown
12. Keep Australia White
13. Daily News
14. I Don't Like...
15. True Sons
16. Genetic Suicide
17. More Dead Niggers
18. Swastika Will Fly Again

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