Built for War - Volume One (International Orders)

 Built for War - Hear the Sounds of Revolution !!

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1.   Achtung Juden - Reich Song
2.   Iron Eagle - This is our country
3.   Total War - Total War Nazi
4.   Operation Race War - Boys Next Door
5.   Achtung Juden - Aryan Girl
6.   Mass Destruction - Hate
7.   H.M.F. - Hail Hitler
8.   Arrow Cross - Ready For War
9.   Iron Eagle - Monkeyman
10. Southern Storm/Runes of War - Juden Raus
11. Prison Bound - X-Rated
12. Mass Destruction - Mass Destruction
13. Achtung Juden - Burn the Books
14. Operation Race War - The 2nd Coming of Hate
15. Total War - Welcome to the World War III
16. H.M.F. - I hate them
17. Southern Storm/Runes of War - Krystal Night
18. Arrow Cross - White Power Skinheads
19. Prison Bound - Smash the Reds
20. Commander Schoep Speech

Attention Comrades: 

NSM88 Records is pleased to announce licensing of our media for a special nationwide promo.  We are offering Built for War compilation cds at a massive discount in order to get thousands of them distributed all across the world as to promote the Sounds of Revolution to our fellow brothers and sisters that are still yet to wake and take a stand against our adversaries.   

NSM88 Records artists promote a unified message through music, a message that White people, the majority people, need to take a stand to defend and protect their culture, heritage, and national sovereignty from further defamation by people that refuse to assimilate and in such are destroying centuries of European civilization, culture and heritage. This project is for all people of European Descent.  Our people are hurting inside - not allowed to say "Merry Christmas" at work as their legal departments are afraid that a Jew or black will be "offended" - government forms in foreign languages to cater to those unwilling to assimilate to our national sovereignty and much more.  While this is not the place to go on about the issues, we think you get the point - this project is a JUMP START  -  something that will make people think and to also let them know they are NOT alone and that there is a SOLUTION - a National Socialist solution to our peoples crisis, perhaps the worse crises our peoples have ever encountered in our history!  

How can I get Built for War in the hands of our lost brothers and sisters ?  You may mail them, pass out at public events such as hockey games, football games, college games, political meetings on campus - at parties and more.   Really, there are so many ways - leave CDs at bars - libraries and so forth.   Of course, make sure that you obey all laws of your jurisdiction in regards to passing out political and/or commercial items.  

Below are the super discounted rates!  Free shipping to the USA & Canada on all orders over $10.00!.  The larger the CD Pack, the larger discount per CD!

1 CD = $2.50

10 CD Pack = $22.00

20 CD Pack = $27.00

For Larger requests, please contct us via the contact us form here at the store and include how many CDs you want and your location as so staff may quote you a price.

Built for War is a special project licensed by NSM88 Records on behalf of the New Saxon Project & the National Socialist Movement (Party).

To pay by Money Order, Cheque or well concealed cash - choose your quantity and proceed to checkout.   During checkout you will have payment options - choose "Money Order". Make sure that you print your sales receipt and include it with your payment and note the ORDER NUMBER on the check.  

Parental Advisory:  Some tracks are for mature audiences, 18 +.  Parents are urged to screen their children's music collection as to approve or disapprove certain tracks and or bands.  NSM88 Records does not condone violence in the real world and reminds our audiences to differentiate from artistic expression and real life expression. Our artists hope to wake listeners into action as to take further political measures in reaching our collective political aspirations.


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